Dolce CampoReal Lisboa

Rua do Campo, 2565-770, Turcifal, Portugal
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Lisbon Portugal Area Hotels

Dolce CampoReal Lisbon is located in the Torres Vedras district, in the mid-eastern part of Portugal, 50km to the north of Lisbon and 18km from the Atlantic Ocean. The region is considered the garden of Portugal and is full of charming villages, historic castles, orchards, and vineyards.

In 30 minutes you can get to center of Lisbon, one of Europe’s most exciting cities. Alternatively, in 20 minutes you can be on the beach or walk on the cliffs of the Costa de Prata.

GPS Coordinates - Latitude: 39.03754 - Longitude: 9.23899

Dolce CampoReal Lisbon works with a private transfers enterprise, specialized in tourism that provides  transportation to and from Airport. The price depends on the number of persons and luggage and the reservation is  based on a 1-day notice. To settle your transfer please contact us at +351 261 960 900.


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