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Quinta do Sanguinhal

Torres Vedras Hotel Quinta do Sanguinhal Winery

With its 40 hectares, 25 of which are vineyards, Quinta do Sanguinhal is located on plateaux and gentle slopes of clay and sandy soil. One of the company’s old distilleries is set up here, as well as the cellars with wooden barrels where we age the brandies and fortified wines. The property also holds an ancient pressing-room with six stone and wood manual winepresses, the oldest of which dates from 1871.
Located at the heart of the wine region of Lisbon and at the very centre of Portugal's western region tourism circuit, the Quinta do Sanguinhal with its beautiful French gardens and refurbished old cellars is a unique location for of any type of event.

  • guided tours of the winery with tasting
  • 19th century gardens tour
  • vineyard tours
  • workshops
  • tasting courses
  • tours of the old destillery, ageing cellar and a press room

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