Adventures for Everyone

Adventures for Everyone

For the active traveler, there is so much to do on the Dolce CampoReal Lisboa property, and nearby. Tennis, golf, equestrian arts? Yes! Swimming? Of course! Or go for a surfing or diving class at the Santa Cruz beaches, or join a jeep tour. And be sure to enjoy a wine tasting at one of the most distinguished farms in the Oeste region.
We recommend book your activities at least 24 hours in advance.

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  • Experiences

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    Tennis Court Rental

    • Tennis Court Rental only: 15€/Hour
    • Tennis Court Rental with material: 20€/Hour
    • Includes: Court rental, 2 rackets, 3 balls

    BTT Rentals

    • 1 hour: 7€/BTT
    • 3 hours: 14€/BTT
    • 1 day: 20€/BTT
    • 2 days: 35€/BTT
    • 3 days: 45€/BTT

    E-BIKE Rentals (electric bikes)

    • 1 hour: 15€/e-bike
    • 3 hours: 35€/e-bike
    • 1 day: 50€/e-bike

    TOURS (2 people minimum)

    • Protected landscape of Socorro and Archeira mountains hiking: 30€ per person 
    • Walking Tour on Turcifal Village: 30€ per person 
    • Wine & Jeep experience: 90€ por pessoa 
    • UMM Experience: 75€ per person